Holidays During a Pandemic

As the cases of Covid-19 pandemic continue to rise across the world, death cases also continue to increase in most of the countries in the world. With this effect, the only way to be safe for celebrating the holidays is to celebrate it at home. This has brought a lot of changes to several businesses, especially the tourism industry. It has slowed down traffic, which has made the income earned through this industry drastically go down. The pandemic has put a damper on the holidays and people are not able to enjoy themselves as much as they used to. This is due to several restrictions laid down by the government and ministry of health to fight this pandemic. This means that large gatherings are no longer allowed as the virus continues to spread worldwide. 

Interactions always make a holiday enjoyable. Getting to know new people and new places and discovering cultures is always exciting. Since we are now not allowed to interact with people outside of our homes, all of that excitement will have to be put on hold. Many people, including Andrew Napolitano, are wishing the pandemic could end soon so that business can go back to normal. This will make people enjoy their holidays as they used to.

Covid-19 has brought a lot of stress, and many people have been isolated from family and friends. This holiday would have been the best time to reconnect with these families and friends. The problem is that it is not business as usual and you have to modify your holiday plans to reduce the spread of Covid-19. This way, people will ensure that their friends, families, and community’s health remain safe. When this pandemic started, many people lost their family members and friends, and no one would want to encounter such a devastating loss again.

People can also decide to celebrate virtually or with only the members of their household. Even as individuals do this, they must ensure that they consistently consider the laid down measures to reduce the spread of the pandemic. This means that families can only celebrate with people who share common spaces in the household. This may include family members and roommates. People who do not live in that said house unit, such as students who are returning home from school, are considered to belong to a different household. This has made the holiday boring to most people, such as Andrew Napolitano, who expresses how the pandemic has made his holiday dull.

The Covid-19 cases have been continually increasing, more so in gathering locations and areas where attendees are coming. Some of the places where people can get exposed to this disease include airports, bus stations, and the public transport system. This means that if someone has to travel for the holidays, they have to consider social distance. This will help to keep family and friends from the risk of getting the disease.

Everyone should also ensure that they gather in an open-air where there is free circulation of air. This is because indoor gatherings with poor ventilation pose more risk of getting the disease. There is also a time limit for the group and even restriction of the number of people in a gathering.