Subverting the Holiday Tech Shortage

The newest tech is always hard to get around the holidays, but this year is making it harder than ever.  Ongoing chip shortages are making electronics 30% more expensive and freight deliveries are taking 83% longer.  Consumer prices are rising by as much as $50 per gadget.  Even those who are willing to pay will be pressed to find items in stock; online retailers’ out of stock product numbers are expected to rise 360% from 2019, with electronics being one of the most affected categories.

How can conscientious shoppers find presents for their loved ones?  One gift idea they should consider is used tech.  Investing in quality repairs could reduce household spending on electronics by 22%.  Tech repair circumvents the supply chain, is kind to the environment, and much faster than waiting on a new device.  Simple repairs like battery replacement can extend a gadget’s lifespan by 4 to 5 years.  For those who see the practical benefits to regifting, 7 out of 10 consumers have at least 1 unused device at home.  Unless the recipient had their heart set on the newest model, most older models can sufficiently fulfill their needs.  This year, give yourself the gift of savings.

Learn more about the holiday tech shortage in the infographic below:

Holiday Tech Shortages: Shopping Early Isn’t the Only Way to Win [infographic]