History of Catholicism

With over 1.2 billion believers, there is no question about the Catholic Church being at the helm of Christianity matters. The church’s prolific word, beliefs, and culture finds and unplugs ill-motivated folks from their deeply rooted evils to righteousness. However, out of 1.329 billion believers, only a handful understands the history of Catholicism! Today we are going to bow our heads into the archives and find out where this church came from and who is making it great again in the 21st century.

Early Ages

Catholicism’s origin can be traced back to the New Testament in the era of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. Much has been said about Jesus cleansing the world and leaving apostles to continue spreading the word until folks transform from their transgressions, but less is known about apostles being the foundation of Catholicism. For the past centuries, Catholic Church has developed through devotion and an elaborate leadership scheme, strong faith, and sophisticated theology.

In the early times, Catholicism spread out through the Roman Empire with different emperors’ aid. In the 14th century, precisely 313, Emperor Constantine 1 legalized Christianity as a whole. But it was almost six and half decades later, in 380 when Emperor Theodosius 1 made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire.

Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages Catholicism continued to spread like wildfire together with Rome Empire. At this time, artists devoted all they can to promote their faith through artwork like Leonardo Da Vinci’s last supper picture, which shows how Jesus and his disciple shared their final moments. Also, in the middle ages, popes became recognized figures in Rome society and symbolized leadership.

Rewriting History

Fast forward to the 20th and 21st century, names like Father George Rutler start popping up when you mention anything related to Catholicism. Rutler is a recognized figure in the catholic religion, and he continues to write history even if believers think there is nothing new in their faith.

Currently, Catholic Church is in the middle of a transformation, but the core tenets won’t change thanks to Father Rutler and his fellow clergymen’s efforts. Catholic seniors are actively maintaining a solid position amid very many false claims spreading through the internet mend to tarnish their white clocks. According to Father Rutler, no duties should be taken lightly when it comes to spreading this humble religion to restless youth.

From his leadership perspective, the younger generation holds a major stake in the prosperity of Catholicism; therefore, it is relevant for church leaders to speak to youths. His roles as a servant of God remain pure and distinct. In the ’80s, our beloved Father was a member of several school boards and committees, and with his position close to education-thirsty students, he spread the gospel with the aim of making the world a better place. In addition to his duties in Church, Father Rutler has created several documentaries and journals highlighting cultural issues and the importance of raising a community that is devoted to Christianity.