A Look At Hamed Wardak’s Business Ventures And Creative Projects

Ever since Hamed Wardak was a child, he showed unique intellectual gifts. Throughout his career, Wardak has used his intellect and creative thoughts to succeed in his endeavors. Many of Wardak’s peers believe that he is often one step ahead. Here is a closer look at Hamed Wardak’s career.


Hamed Wardak: The Early Years

Hamed Wardak was born in Afghanistan. He is the son of Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak. Wardak spent most of his childhood living in Pakistan and the United States. A connoisseur of elite educational opportunities, Hamed Wardak, attended and graduated from Georgetown University at the top of his class. After earning the title of valedictorian of his Georgetown class with a degree in Government and Political Theory, Wardak received the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship all in the same year.

After finishing his University education in Washington D.C., Hamed Wardak moved back to Afghanistan to assist citizens who were suffering due to the Afghan Civil War. At this point, the Afghan Civil War was in its third decade of fighting. When the moment called for it, Hamed Wardak moved back to the United States of America and took a job working in the throes of the corporate world at Merrill Lynch. Hamed’s next big American business/corporate world gig was working as the Managing Director of International Operations for Technologists, Inc. Wardak was a contractor for the U.S. government, developing a connection with the U.S. Department of Defense and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Under Wardak’s leadership, Technologists, Inc initiated multiple deals to assist Afghanistan worth more than $4 million in total.

Giving Back

Hamed Wardak was one of eight originators of the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP). This effort was formed and operated as a charitable entity, leveraging the contributions of both Afghan and American citizens to achieve the purpose of sustainability and to obtain affluence for Afghanistan and its citizens.

Hamed Wardak believes in entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Exiting the corporate side of America, Hamed Wardak was certain that the overwhelming responsibilities of entrepreneurship called his name. Wardak began to build his first business where he created an all-new clothing line: Ludas Athletics. Hamed hoped that he would be able to use Ludas Athletics to raise global awareness of different issues about which he was passionate. Wardak specifically focused his efforts on assisting refugees around the world. Wardak used Ludas Athletics’ profits to support the U.N. Refugee Agency by providing better care around the World. He believes that having been a refugee citizen early in his life gives him a special obligation to assist others who are suffering from a similar lot in life. Hamed continually looks for educational opportunities to help underprivileged children around the world. He says that doing charitable work keeps him focused on the essential characteristics of life.

Hamed Wardak says that entrepreneurs should always look for the best possible talent. It’s important to have a strong work ethic and a giving heart. Wardak also says that it is important that young people entering the workforce find ways to stand out and get themselves noticed by employers.

Pursuing A New Career Path

In addition to his business ventures, Hamed Wardak has including snorkelling, rock climbing & recently begun producing innovative techno music. Wardak’s stage name is Valen of Wicked. Analysts point out that Valen of Wicked’s music is raw, passionate, and thought-provoking. Wardak says that Valen is a symbol of the honor and courage that he displays through overcoming adversity. Wicked is a symbol of the darkness that every human being goes through. Hamed Wardak combined the symbols and began to create original, environmentally-specific techno music to which people from all over the World can and want to listen. He says that creating quality electronic music takes an unwavering amount of discipline and a diverse and creative skillset.

Wardak uses different software applications, sound production techniques, and his musical knowledge to stay at the top of the electronic and international music scene. Wardak says that music is a universal language that brings people together in spite of their differences.

Wicked is the canopy for a myriad of memories and present emotional wisdom with which Hamed is united. From this, the music of Valen of Wicked is born. Hamed Wardak and Valen of Wicked can be followed through the online app Instagram.

Look for the release of Valen of Wicked’s first techno album’ touting collaborations with some big-name musicians from all over the world and the music industry today that I am not quite allowed to announce.