The Importance of Gun Liability Insurance

Gun ownership is considered a right in America, but it comes with some real risks and responsibilities.  500 people die from unintentional firearm injuries every year.  Over a third of these deaths list a child as the shooter.  Teenagers are the most at risk for unintentional gun death because the parents of teens are more likely than those with younger children to store guns unlocked, loaded, or both. Will gun liability insurance prove effective?

Unintended shootings are preventable.  Accidental firearm deaths could fall by 31% if owners used childproof safety locks and loaded chamber indicators.  Gun safes and safety courses also have a major impact on reducing unintentional shootings and suicides.  One way that society encourages gun owners to take these basic safety precautions is through gun liability insurance.  Insurers reward good practices with lower premiums.  This year, San Jose became the first city to require gun liability insurance.  Los Angeles may follow.

Some homeowner or renter insurance policies have coverage for firearms.  Typically, these plans protect against theft, loss, and liability in the case of an accident.  Intentional infliction of harm, even in the case of self-defense is not covered.  Also, insurance can only be used for legal, registered firearms.  Responsible gun owners are the beneficiaries.

Is gun liability insurance required?