Grants Assist Addresses the Obstacles in Australia’s Grant Application Process

Grants Assist is an Australia-based company that helps businesses and non-profit organizations secure funding through grant programs. While the grant application process can be daunting to the unfamiliar, applying for available grants is simplified with the aid of Grants Assist.

Grants Assist was founded in 2018 to help businesses and non-profit organizations with the grant application process. The company has worked with many client organisations to date, and it’s able to help with grants that are available based on business size, for-profit/non-profit status, business location, business sector or other criteria.

The role of Grants Assist is to make the grant application process easier for its client organisations, and to increase the likelihood of clients receiving grants.

The Challenges of Grant Applications

In addition to sorting out the logistics of a grant application, there are two other challenges that businesses and organisations commonly face when they try to apply for grants on their own.

First, merely finding potential grants is a time-consuming process without professional assistance. Although many grant programs are available, there isn’t a centralised list of all potential grants that’s easily available. Businesses must search for grants individually. Additionally, grant details aren’t always readily available, so businesses must spend more time finding out exactly what a grant requires.

This amounts to a significant investment of labor even before an organization actually begins to compile their application.

Second, organisations should tailor each application to the particular grant that’s being sought. Both the project being completed and the requested grant amount should be tailored to suit a grant, but what grants are specifically looking for isn’t always readily available.

For example, organizations can have a hard time determining how much to ask for without knowing a grant’s previous award amounts. Asking for too much can cause an application to be denied, while requesting too little may leave money on the table.

What amount and other details would be just right is generally unknown to organizations outside of the grant industry, however.

Grants Assist Addresses These Challenges

Grants Assist specialises in grants and is able to address both of these challenges for client businesses and organisations.

As a grant industry specialist, Grants Assist provides access to an extensive and centralised database of government, foundation and other grants that are available. Advanced filtering software is used to sort through the many different grants, making it easy to identify which ones a client organisation is eligible for. The software can filter based on an organisation’s size, sector, location, project or any number of other factors.

By leveraging the capabilities of its database and filtering software, Grants Assist is able to majorly cut the time that it takes to find potential grants. What would take hours, weeks or months can be done in a few seconds after the right parameters are entered in.

The database also contains extensive details on each grant, often including information that’s not publicly available. For instance, Grants Assist can frequently see the average amount or a range of past awards for a grant. Details like these are essential if an organisation is going to tailor its application to the specifics of a particular grant in order to increase the chances of approval.

Grants Assist Helps With the Grant Application Process

Once potential grants are identified and researched, Grants Assist helps with the actual process of applying for a grant. This is a multi-step process, and the company works with its clients at every stage.

  1. Grants Assist helps determine what documentation is required for a grant. Contact information, financial information and project proposals are commonly required, and sometimes grants have other details that they want in applications. Grants Assist is able to tell client organizations what information they’ll need to submit.
  2. Grants Assist is available to help with compiling the necessary documents. While client organisations must actually furnish many of the documents (e.g. financial record) themselves, Grants Assist is able to help identify what documents will meet certain application requirements, what documents to use if certain information isn’t available and how to format everything. 
  3. Writers employed by Grants Assist have extensive experience writing grant applications and help client organisations with their application. This not only saves organisation’s time, but it also helps ensure long-form answers are formatted in a way that clearly communicates the necessary details.

Fourth, Grants Assist takes care of the actual submitting of grant applications and follows up as necessary. For businesses that have multiple applications or a major grant they want, following up can be tedious but essential.

With Grants Assist’s help, the process of applying for grants becomes much simpler and the applications become stronger.

Grant Help for Many Different Businesses and Organisations

Grants Assist provides these services to businesses and organisations throughout Australia that are seeking grants within the country. There are numerous grants available to Australian organisations. Some of the more commonly sought-after grants that Grants Assist helps with are below.

Technology start-ups may qualify for a matched funding grant worth up to $25,000. The grant is intended to help start-ups test their business models and fund new research, so long as a start-up meets certain geographic requirements, can reasonably execute their business plan and intends to spend 80 percent of the grant amount in the Australian state that provides the grant.

Small business incubators in certain Australian states may qualify for a grant of up to $500,000. This particular grant is intended for non-profit organizations or publicly funded groups in Australia, and the money is to be spent on advisory-related services.

Professionals who aren’t part of a training program may be eligible for a grant program that provides training and support to new business owners. The grant affords beneficial allowances for upwards of 39 weeks to qualifying professionals.

Businesses in the cosmetics space may be eligible for a grant that allows businesses to claim upwards of half their accrued export expenses above $5,000. The goal of this grant is to help these businesses reach the international market.

There are still many other types of grants that Grants Assist can help businesses and non-profit organisations with when it comes to seeking assistance.