A Look at How Google Analytics is Changing

Millions of businesses use tools like Google Analytics in order to track their website traffic and customer data.  These services originated just three years after the birth of the internet, beginning with page view counters and server log analysis.  In recent years, these platforms have allowed businesses to completely break down their website, finding the most effective aspects and grouping their consumers into demographics.  

The data analytics market is expected to be worth $550 billion by 2028, with Google Analytics as one of the leading data analysis platforms serving over 28 million currently active websites.  However, Google’s Universal Analytics will shut down on July 1, 2023. 

Google Analytics 4 will take over the current Google platform next year, and website owners must be ready to make the switch.  The new system will bring in multiple updates and features to improve data analysis, in addition to boasting enhanced security features.  Businesses looking to take advantage of this new platform will need to collect and transfer their previous website data over to the new Google Analytics 4 interface. 

This may seem like a drastic change for inexperienced users, but InfoTrust has created steps to follow that make this transition simple and effective for website owners.  To learn more, follow the infographic below.

History & Future of Web Analytics
Source: InfoTrust