Going Green

There are no negative repercussions to living a greener and cleaner lifestyle. If one is a student, take notes on a device to avoid using paper. Also, the notes can be easily stored in online drives to ensure they are never misplaced or lost. By saving energy, the world can be greener. Use an extra blanket instead of heating the home more. Use windows and natural light during the day. If the natural night is not present, use energy-efficient light bulbs. Such as CFLs or LED. Fresh air is very beneficial for the brain and reduces headaches. When showering, use slightly colder water and don’t remain in the bathroom for long. Much of the time spent on the shower is unnecessary. Support cleaner and more ethical brands. In doing so, one can maintain a constant need to support small businesses and sustainable brands. Recycle any plastics or aluminum. Andrew Napolitano recycles every day. It is important to do so to eliminate the waste being thrown away into ecosystems and the ocean. Speaking of water, don’t use plastic bottles. 

Make sure water bottles are reused or purchased to be sustainable. Taking reusable bags to the store is very efficient and reduces the need for plastic bags. There are so many changes and alternations a person can make to make the planet a better place and a greener atmosphere.