Global Warming

Global warming is a more serious issue than some suppose. It is the long term heating of the earth’s climate due to the activities of humans. For example, the fossil fuels that burn at an almost twenty-four-hour rate increase heat-trapping greenhouse gas levels, and the Earth’s atmosphere becomes warmer. The exact cause for global warming is when carbon dioxide and other pollutants collect sunlight and solar radiation which in turn starts the greenhouse effect. For people like Alexander Djerassi, this is frightening. Immediate action must take place before it is too late. The surface temperature of the earth has to cool down in order for the plants, animals, and humans to inhabit the earth to survive the long term. It can be detrimental to many ecosystems if the earth continues to rise in temperature. That being said, by practicing sustainability and greenways of life, the temperature can be balanced. Many companies are doing their best to have sustainable outputs and net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.