Giving Back is Part of Being an Entrepreneur

Helen Lee Schifter has written extensively about different ways entrepreneurs can and should give back. There has long been a tradition of those that are successful in business, sharing that success with others. During challenging times, the onus is truly on those that have been able to prosper in a commercial context, to try to help those that are hurting. These are dynamics that are important to understand. In some cases, they are even pivotal to recognizing and appreciating the generosity of the human spirit.

According to those like Helen Lee Schifter who have opined on this matter, giving back is critical to appreciating generosity in life. But giving back does not have to be done purely in financial terms, nor should it solely be viewed through such a prism. Instead, there are a multitude of other ways one can give back that should be highlighted, lauded and even commended.

For example, volunteering is something that can prove incredibly meaningful and important. Volunteering at soup kitchens on a weekly basis – can make a wonderful impact on society, in the aggregate. There are other considerations when it comes to giving of one’s time. Can one give back in ways that can also expand the giving they are having? Are there ways for the scope of the recipient-base to be broadened? A democratization of philanthropy is what matters. Let us all understand and recognize the significance of the fact that we live in the most generous nation in the world.

The American people are the most philanthropic people on earth. Now t with this pandemic having hurt so many, let’s step up to the plate and do our part.