Making Sure You are Getting Quality Sleep

In the post-pandemic world of 2022, it’s a pretty safe bet that virtually everyone you know is feeling a bit drained, to say the least. We’re stressed and exhausted, which often has very little to do with any kind of physical activity. 

The mental and emotional heaviness of the current global climate is beyond draining. We’ve lived through more than two years of stress over the unknown regarding our health and that of our loved ones. Then, just when we thought things were going to let up, we’ve been hit with massive inflation and a war that is affecting the entire world. Quality sleep helps you retain focus at work and when driving, and can help you avoid highway hypnosis or deadly accidents.

It’s no wonder that the majority of American adults are struggling to get enough sleep, and struggling with the quality of the sleep we do get. 

As the interconnection of our world continues to grow and stressors don’t seem to be getting any fewer, it’s extremely important that we learn to take care of our own mental, emotional, and physical health, which is all highly dependent upon adequate sleep and rest. 

Great sleep relies on a great sleep environment, including relaxing colors, calming sounds and scents, as well as comfortable bedding. The material that touches our skin at night does make a difference in the quality of our sleep. 

Purchasing sheets that are cool, with a thread count of 200-800, and in a calming color, is a very important step in ensuring a great night’s rest.

Stressed & Not Sleeping — How you can improve your sleep
Source: PizunaLinens