Gennady Podolsky On Entrepreneurial Digital Nomads

There are few things in life as freeing as living independently of an office. The rise of remote work has blended together with the popular digital nomad movement. As more and more workers refuse to return to their conventional workspaces, industries are beginning to adapt around them.

Gennady Podolsky is an expert travel writer who has spent years dedicating his life to providing unique experiences to his clients as they seek to revel in the world around them. Gennady Podolsky is a digital nomad himself, and he has taken his time to outline a few of the tips and tricks that have served him well throughout the years.

Understanding the Digital Nomad

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic may have spurned what was inevitable already. As the world removed itself from public life in exchange for businesses closed due to the pandemic, remote work rose in popularity. The digital connection that we shared with one another became even stronger, making it less likely that we’d return to the office eventually.

A digital nomad is a catchy term that fundamentally describes an adventurous traveler who works from the road, moving wherever whim takes them. Podolsky relies on his laptop, smartphone, and knowledge of local customers to continually guide him on his journeys.

There are many professions that are well suited to thrive under the guise of a digital nomad. Consultants, digital media experts, customer service agents, and virtual assistants can easily make the jump to life as a nomad.

Life As a Digital Nomad

Gennady Podolsky has long believed in the role that remote work can play in the professional setting, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that he saw change at an institutional level.

Podolsky states, “There’s a huge movement around the world of people doing this because I see sort of all these people now doing what I’m doing so much more.”

Digital nomads are going to become popular not just as a career choice but also for governments looking to engage with travel and tourism. Countries like Barbados, Georgia, and Estonia have all established Digital Nomad Visas that allow nomads to remain in their country of choice for up to 12 months. Many hotels in these regions are even offering monthly stays versus conventional nightly visits.

Gennady Podolsky knows that there are few barriers in the way of more people adopting the digital nomad lifestyle. Podolsky stated, “As long as you have internet that can work, that’s good enough for me. Doesn’t matter. If you love your job, you can do your work.”

Entrepreneurs As Digital Nomads

While many professionals can adhere to the digital nomad lifestyle, entrepreneurs and startup owners may sometimes feel as though this unbridled lifestyle may not be for them. However, with the various innovations in technology propelling streamlined work from anywhere in the world, entrepreneurs can be wildly successful in this lifestyle. For starters, apps can streamline workflows and keep remote teams responsible for various collaborative tasks. Zoom and other video conferencing options provide the opportunity to host professional meetings at a moment’s notice. The list of tech at the entrepreneur’s fingertips is endless!