What Will the Future of Work Look Like?

Work has been going through multiple changes the past few years. Younger workers are now changing jobs more than five times on average while older generations used to change jobs just two to three times. Many workers are currently unsatisfied with their current jobs unless they are able to have flexible hours and the ability to work from home. 

Remote work has shown to increase time with family, savings, and overall morale that ultimately help bring more happiness outside of work. The way we work will change according to our evolving needs as employees. This could possibly mean changes like gaining more flexible workspaces, having more opportunities for collaboration, putting more focus on our wellbeing, and using smart assistants to prioritize tasks. 

With the increased use of artificial intelligence and technology in various areas of our work, maintaining soft skills that allow us to work collaboratively will become essential for success. These can include the ability to negotiate, manage others, visualize data, and solve complex problems. In terms of the jobs that will see increased growth in the next few years, software developers, cooks at restaurants, and health aides are some of the occupations with high potential. With work already changing so much, seeing the jobs of the future might happen sooner than later. 

Jobs Of The Future
Source: ExecutivePlacements.com