How to Change the Future of Phone Calls

 If you are like most people, a huge pet peeve of yours is to get bothered at the least convenient moment with a spam call. It seems like as the days go by, the prevalence of these spammers increases, as they get more advanced technologically by calling people constantly. There’s got to be a better way to screen these calls and getting called so many times per day. Is there any hope on the horizon? The future of phone calls looks bright, as it appears that there is new legislation hitting the books that may finally put an end to some of these scammers. 

Enter the STIR / SHAKEN revolution: the ability for legitimate businesses to authenticate their phone numbers. What will make STIR / SHAKEN different from prior tries to get spam calls in line? STIR / SHAKEN will implement caller ID authentication to combat spoofing and robocalls. All service providers will  be expected to follow these standards.

How will it work? Businesses place an outbound call, which the phone carrier will send the number for authentication. Caller ID will show if a caller is verified or likely spam, and attestation levels will give higher trust.

Learn more about understanding the hopeful end of spam callers and the future of phone calls through the visual deep dive below.

STIR/SHAKEN Is Changing The Future Of Phone Calls