Further Study in Australia: All you Need to Know

If you, or one of your immediate family is looking to enrol in a BA degree course with a difference, you might be thinking of Australia as an ideal study destination, and for good reason, as Australian universities are of a very high standard and are affordable. It is primarily Asians that like to send their children to Australian universities, where they can have a western education along with English language acquisition, something that is very highly valued for obvious reasons.

Study Visa for Australia

As there are many Asian students who live and study in Australia, there is a special study visa that can be applied for when you receive your admission letter from the learning institution. If you use an established immigration agent like Hermis & Associates, they handle everything on your behalf, as they are very experienced and understand the requirements. The visa would last for the duration of the course, and the student would be allowed to travel home during the holiday periods without affecting the validity of their study visa.

Language Acquisition

For Chinese and Asian students, studying in Australia gives them a good command of the English language, as all classes are taught in English, plus living in an English-speaking country means you become competent is a matter of months. Some students stay with Australian families, as this accelerates the language acquisition process, and by immersing yourself in the local community, your level of English must improve greatly.

All Subjects

There are universities that have a great reputation is mechanical and electrical engineering, others are more art focused, while some focus on the sciences and IT. If you would like to view the curriculum of any Australian university or college, a Google search will bring up a list of websites and you can create your own shortlist.

Colourful Melbourne

Perhaps Melbourne is the most popular city for foreign students, indeed, if you walk around the city centre, you will see many young Asian people, most of which are studying for their degree. Some are doing their MBA, while others are carrying out their PhD studies, and there are several well-known universities in Melbourne, which is said to be the cultural centre of Australia.

English Language Ability

In order to study in Australia, you do need to have a minimum score with PET or IELTS, so you will have to make sure that your English language abilities are more than adequate. It is possible to enrol in intensive English language courses within Australia, in the event you have not yet reached the required standard.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about further education in Australia, an Internet search is a great place to start, and armed with your knowledge about what you wish to study, you can quickly discover which universities are offering such courses, and when you find what seems like a suitable venue and course, you can make an enquiry.

Australia offers a great deal for foreign students who wish to further their education, and with affordable course, you too can graduate from a leading Australian university.