Five Rules for Leading a Hybrid Team

Five Rules for Leading a Hybrid Team

Many managers of today’s organizations are leading hybrid work teams, which is a challenging task. This is where managers must implement five important rules to be successful in this situation. Hybrid work teams are groups of workers where some are salaried and hourly employees. In order to lead these types of groups effectively, there are five rules that need to be followed, according to educator Jonathan Osler.

The first rule is that you must have a strong organizational culture in place for the team before you assign them tasks and goals. If the team has a clear understanding on how they should work together as a group and what their expectations are from each other before they start working, then it will make things easier on everyone involved. Strong organizational cultures help reduce conflict and improve communication between employees.

The second rule is that you need to create and enforce rules early on. This will help the team get off to a good start, and it will establish good working habits right from the beginning. Early planning and rules will help the team avoid common issues that frequently happen on hybrid teams.

The third rule is that you must be very clear about what is expected of each team member. This means that everyone needs to have a clear understanding of what their role is, what tasks they are responsible for, and what the end result should be. Clarity should be established at all levels of the team, not just for the manager.

The fourth rule is that you must create a culture of ownership in your hybrid work teams. This means that everyone on the team needs to take pride in their work, responsibilities, and actions performed while working on the team. Sometimes this can be as simple as rewarding a team for doing a good job. Ownership can also be contagious, so if someone on the team is not doing their part, it will be noticed and addressed.

The fifth and final rule is that you must constantly communicate with your team. This means that you should be regularly meeting with them to discuss their progress, what tasks they are working on, and how things are going overall. It is also a good idea to ask for their input on things, as this will help them feel like they are part of the team and that their opinion matters.
By following these five rules from Jonathan Osler, managers can successfully lead hybrid work teams. Implementing these rules early on will help to create a positive working environment and help the team achieve their goals. Managers need to allow the team enough time and resources to be successful. Teams often fail not because they didn’t work hard or try, but because they were given an unrealistic task and timeline to complete their objectives within. The best teams will take on tasks that they know are achievable and will still present their managers with new ideas for ways to make the process even better.