First Impressions in Business You Want to Make

In business and in personal life, first impressions can make a huge difference. A business might not want to enter into a deal with a pushy salesperson only to be won over by the founder of a company. The truth is that people that make decisions in business want to work with those they personally like. If the pricing and quality of service/product is the same as a competitor, the option picked usually has to do with personal preference. Making the right impressions can set a business up for success long-term as all it takes is one huge client to change the trajectory of a small business. The following are first impressions in business that you want your startup to make.

Reports Need to Look Professional 

Sales materials can truly make a difference when sent to a client. Reports given to other clients are often used as examples when trying to land a marketing deal by agencies. Showing results that have been generated act as proof that the company can deliver on what they promise. Case studies that are easy to read can be great. People want to know the value of what they are investing in and the right sales materials can provide this information. 

Show Up and Interact at Industry Events 

Conventions can be a great place to debut a service or piece of technology. Investing in the travel to go to a large industry convention with staff can be paid for with one large deal. Think of these as networking opportunities rather than educational ones. Presenting at one of these events can give a new company recognition for being quite knowledgeable on a subject. The best presentations will be shared immensely in certain niches so make sure you work on your presentation before getting to the destination. 

Picking Clients Up in Luxury Cars/Limos

Entertaining for business reasons allows your point of contact to benefit from the business relationship. Free dinners or being picked up in a luxury car can make the right impression. Limos can be great to send over but a luxury car can also be used for personal reasons. All you will have to do is find an import auto repair shop to ensure your luxury car stays in top shape.

Initial Projects Need to be Nailed 

The first impression of working together can lead to long-term deals or a client opting for another service provider. Hitting all of the deadlines with quality work and customer experience is important. You want to start out on the right foot with a client that you hope to work with for the foreseeable future. Take extra time and put some of your best employees on the project to ensure its quality. Companies tend to give much more leeway when they feel like a business relationship is generating quite a bit of ROI in their favor. 

First impressions can be overcome if you have given off a bad one in the past. This will be far more difficult than putting a focus on first impressions when it comes to your business.