Less is Still More When You Can Find A Perfect Audience

In 2022, marketing via social media is as vital as ever in spreading brand awareness and gaining or retaining customers. 

Social media usage is only continuing to expand with nearly 3 billion Facebook users and over 2 billion YouTube users, not to mention the billions on TikTok and Instagram. The vast majority of younger consumers are on multiple social media platforms and they use these platforms not only for social interactions, but for news, celebrity gossip, and brand engagement as well. 

It’s obvious that having a strong social media presence is an absolute must for any brand that wishes to remain relevant. However, many brands are attempting to accomplish this in the wrong way, causing them to waste time and money. 

Having a thriving online presence isn’t about how many platforms you can get on or getting a massively diverse audience. It’s actually about scaling it down a bit and learning the best strategies for one or two social media sites extremely well, as well as finding your particular audience and appealing specifically to them. 

As with many things, in social media marketing, less can still be more. Instead of trying to spread the net across several platforms, brands need to focus on developing their content, finding what works really well for their message, their tone, their timing, and understand the sensitivities and emotions of their target audience

Doing a few things extremely well is how brands are going to survive and thrive in this new age of marketing.

Finding A Perfect Audience
Source: Bang Productions