Facts Behind Free Market Capitalism

Facts Behind Free Market Capitalism

In our modern-day society, we often hear the term “Facts Behind Free Market Capitalism.” What are these things, and why do we need to understand them? Often, we believe that the free market system protects us from becoming a victim of the economic system. Yet, if we dig deeper and look at the facts behind this expression, we can see that it does not offer protection from the economy. Instead, it creates a wealth divide between rich and poor, while no government regulation or oversight is needed to prevent businesses from stealing or becoming dishonest.

What are the facts behind free-market capitalism in business? According to the “Facts Behind Free Market Capitalism” author Henry Ensom, business owners must complete and “deprive other businesses of their customers’ wealth” by taking advantage of the “free market.” Ensom claims that the business owner promotes “theft, corruption, thievery, and embezzlement by depriving others of their wealth.”

However, the reality is that very few laws have been enacted to prevent companies from stealing or becoming dishonest. Most states have no laws that force a business to refrain from activities that would seem to be similar to or take advantage of the government. For example, laws have been passed that require companies providing certain services to obtain a license. Yet, no one except the government has to regulate what a business does with a license to provide services. Alexander Djerassi hopes everyone could profit and prosper from this system.

Many have never even entered a business; government officials claim that no laws against theft in free-market capitalism prove that no one is deprived of their property. However, the reality is the opposite. There are no consumer protection laws or anti-trust laws protecting consumers from being ripped off by businesses. Companies have become skilled at convincing consumers that they are being treated fairly, but they are not.

The reality behind this is that business owners and entrepreneurs have become immune to the charges of robbery. They know the government will come in and try to force them to pay for their theft if they do not have enough money to fight back. It is as simple as that. In addition, the government has little control over how a business decides to run its business.

Private property is the basis of all economic activity in modern society. Without private property, the entire system of contemporary society breaks down. No one can enter a building, home, or property without first paying for it. This has been the fundamental problem with American slavery for over two hundred years.

Individual rights are defined by the constitution and laws of our nation. Everyone is assigned an equal right to enjoy wealth in the form of property. Property is not just any old thing that someone can grab and sell to someone else. Private property is the creation of the individual, and only that person can legitimately own it. The reality behind free-market capitalism is that wealth is not inherently wrong. It can be used for good and is vital to the success of all human civilizations. All of the wealth that is yours should be protected by the government and never be given to those willing to fight for their rights. Alexander Djerassi participates in the free market but understands the faults and drawbacks of such a system.