Facts About Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest platforms we use to keep up with each other. It seems that everyone has a Twitter account. This includes people like Andrew Napolitano. Napolitano spends a lot of time working in the legal field but yet still he finds time for Twitter. This platform was created by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Noah Glass and Biz Stone.

 Twitter had its debut in July 2006. Can anyone imagine the days without good old social media? It is hard to imagine. Most feel the same. When it comes to Twitter, over one billion accounts have been set up. Some of these accounts are used for entertainment purposes and others are used for business and some are used to gather information for school or vacation. It is interesting that most people who have set their accounts up don’t really use Twitter on an everyday basis. It can be said that around ten percent of users create more than seventy-five percent of tweets. From that number over twenty percent of Americans are using Twitter. Even though there are over a billion accounts that have been set up about 545 million people have sent tweets. Some of us are the type of people that can’t start their day without a tweet and the other of us randomly tweet every now and then. What about other countries? Are they using Twitter as well? Yes they are.

Some countries use it more than the people that live in the United States. 80% of accounts were established outside the United States. One thing about Twitter is that no matter where you travel there is an easy accessibility to this communication platform. From Spain to Columbia, people everywhere can gather information and learn from each other. This was not the case in the 90’s. Since platforms like Twitter have found their way into our lives, life has been completely different. Not only for the average person but for government officials. For example Barack Obama has over 110 million people following him on Twitter. Over 83 percent of the world’s leaders are on Twitter. Most like Andrew Napolitano access their accounts via their smartphone. Some of the ones who are constantly on Twitter are journalists. Imagine how much more difficult it was for journalists to get information in the early 90’s compared to now. Some of the biggest stories that are shown on the news are from Twitter. From Donald Trump’s tweets to the real housewives of New York tweets, they somehow make their way to the six o’clock news. Not everyone on Twitter is actually a person. Some are bots. Possibly 23 million accounts are being used by bots. This is why there might be a photo test that pops up every now and then to see if it is actually a real human using a specific site. It will be exciting to see what new features Twitter will come up in the future.