Expansion of Bunker Survey Capabilities in Singapore by Inchcape

Inchcape Marine and Survey Inspection announced an expansion in their bunker survey capabilities for the Singapore region. The bunker survey license, valid from February 2020, was granted by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. Inchcape has already established itself as a trusted partner as a key maritime services provider for Port agency and Survey in the region. The bunker survey license enhances the bunker optimization product;a bundled solution providing a multi-element, cost-efficient solution with a single point of contact for vessels bunkering in Singapore and other global locations. It offers clients cost savings, standardized reporting, and unparalleled corporate compliance. A single communication channel improves efficiency and the combined services reduce the need for different suppliers and additional expenses.

As one of the leading maritime service providers in the world, Inchcape Shipping Services has made a name for itself through decades of success while maintaining an unparalleled level of integrity and honesty in business. With over 270 offices and over 3000 professionals, Inchcape services over 85% of the ports in the world. Inchcape has been in the maritime service industry since 1847, when the British East India Company, was its first client. It specializes in a variety of services for its client, including full port agency services for cargo, dry docking, bunker calls, financial management, vessel surveillance, and supply and crew logistics.

The maritime industry has historically been dominated by smaller local players. There used to be a perception that local players would have local knowledge and connections. The advantage offered by Inchcape is the ability to leverage its global network of professionals and other vast resources delivering both global scope and scale, and local knowledge, experience and connections from local port offices. Combined with global QHSSE process, this provides a consistent level of service to any port in the world supported by industry leading governance and compliance. Any port in the world can be delivered with the same level of excellence by Inchcape. This universal corporate compliance is one of the key advantages offered by Inchcape. For clients, these high standards of corporate compliance means a high level of reliability and trust in their appointed agent. As a shipping agent, the responsibility of Inchcape is to handle all transactions, duties and obligations of the ship at the port.. It assists in booking the ship’s entry and exit through the port, refueling arrangements, loading and discharging of cargo, providing supplies for the crew, and more. The shipping agent provides other services such as arrangements for crew change, vessel repairs, inspections and vendor coordination. The liner agency services are also part of the responsibilities of a shipping agent. These can include the sales and marketing of the shipping line, vessel operation and asset management, procurement, customer services, and management of local accounts and financial reporting for the principal in the location..

Along with shipping agency services, the bunker survey services are part of the Marine Survey and Inspection division of Inchcape. The Marine and Survey Inspection division is divided into three regions, with a leader appointed for each region. For the Americas, David Pratt, for Asia and Australasia, Captain Chris Brown, for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Captain Peter Valles, are the assigned leaders. They are responsible for the delivery of services to any local area within their region.

A marine surveyor delivers a range of services, to assess, monitor and report on the condition of vessel, cargo and marine operations, working to minimise risk to vessel, crew, cargo and interested parties. Inchcape provides a broad range of survey services including cargo survey, port captaincy,  pre-purchase and onhire survey, stockpile survey, hatch cover integrity, loadmaster bulk operations, and more. Inchcape continues to emphasize used to on newer technology to improve its services, and provide new innovative process to the industry.  They already deploy underwater drones to assist in vessel inspection.  Other patented technology and instruments are also used by a marine surveyor at Inchcape to continuously improve their service offering.