Exercising During the Winter

In the winter, many people will put on weight due to challenges associated with getting motivated to exercise in cold weather. Just because it is winter, there is no reason for a person to be locked in without exercise. Nor does one need to be a well-known wellness expert like Helen Lee Schifter to be dedicated to getting fit. Anyone can exercise in the winter despite the frigid temperatures.

Exercising in Winter Without Equipment

In most locations, cold weather can provide some nice days as well as unpleasant days, and it is imperative to take advantage of the nice days by getting some quality outdoor exercise. Take long walks, go running, and visit many of the bustling sites that you visit in the summer without having to worry about crowds. 

However, on those days where you are stuck inside due to poor weather, there are many indoor exercises that you can do without equipment. Examples include push-ups or planks to help your core strength and improve your posture. Leg lifts can be done indoors with little effort and can be used to build muscle tone in your legs. Stretches are a form of low effort exercise that can add up over time. Furthermore, sit ups, jumping jacks, and squats can all be done without any equipment from the comforts of your home and even while watching television.

Alternatively, staying on your feet and being active inside your home can be achieved simply by handling chores such as laundry, cleaning, and knocking off some of the routine cleaning activities. While these are not formal exercises, being active around the home can help a person stay in shape.

Exercising in Winter with Equipment from Home

Investing in some basic equipment can help a person to exercise more effectively. One does not need an extensive workout setup, but investing in some basic equipment can aid your attempts to exercise. An adjustable weight set can be used with a variety of different exercises to help to tone your body and build up some basic strength. Using an adjustable weight set to tone muscles during winter can be an effective way to build strength and it is easy to do so.

Aerobic exercise is also important. A basic piece of equipment such as a treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike can be a great option for a person looking to exercise during winter. There are devices that can convert your bicycle into a stationary bike so that you can experience your typical biking experience without having to go to purchase a new device. Helen Lee Schifter encourages people to invest in an exercise bike because it really is a great tool to use when working out.

Joining a Gym

In winter, a gym membership may be helpful for a person to gain some exercise during the colder months. Just as many people prefer to leave the home to work, visiting a gym may be a way of compartmentalizing exercise so that a person can maximize their efforts to become healthy during the winter. Gyms often have a full array of equipment and pools to make sure that winter doesn’t spell the end of good health.