Eterneva CEO Adelle Archer is Using Her Position To Change How We Think About Grief

Eterneva is an innovative and fast-growing organization based in Austin, Texas. Their main specialty is in honoring the remarkable lives of individuals and pets that have passed on by making precious diamonds from their ashes and hair. The organization was founded by Adelle Archer together with her co-Founder Garret Ozar whom she met while working for a tech company in Austin.

The idea for Eterneva came about when Archer lost her mentor and close friend Tracey. Archer wanted some way to memorialize what Tracey meant to her, something more than ashes in an urn. And that is how she came up with the idea of creating special objects that would offer people better ways to visually remember their dearly beloved.

Adelle Archer is a much-focused businesswoman with an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit. Archer earned an MBA from Acton Business School graduating as the valedictorian of her class at just twenty-three years of age. In the next four years, Archer worked as head of product marketing in the tech industry and her responsibility included introducing new major products into the market and also working hand in hand with major organizations such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Square.

Running Eterneva

For the past 4 years, she has been at the helm of Eterneva. Archer states that her company is not just a commercial product, it transcends traditional branding. Eterneva is an organization that envisions changing society’s outlook towards death and easing the opening up of communication when it comes to matters of grief.

Adelle’s view is that Eterneva is more of a social organization aimed towards people’s relationships, feelings, and life stories. She also believes that the company’s success is solely based on the strong values they operate on and also on the focus of the unique experience that it offers to its customers.

The Consumer Relationship is Everything

Archer has observed that the major key to the company’s success is the forming of a strong relationship with the clients. She is a firm believer in customer feedback, it becomes a driving force to grow and develop the business, which in turn makes it the most important. Eterneva has a consumer advisory board whose responsibility is to check everything before the company decides to launch any product.

Working closely with consumers allows Eterneva to improve their process. In Archer’s view, consumers are more than just individuals who purchase products; they can also offer help to the company by sharing ideas when it comes to innovation, prioritization, and thus help the organization grow.

That dedication to consumers led to Eterneva being named the Customer Startup of the year at the Stevie Awards; Adelle Archer also represented Eterneva on Shark Tank and received an investment from the one and only Mark Cuban, in addition to being listed in Forbes thirty under thirty list and being featured on Inc.

Adelle Archer’s Foresight

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit earlier this year, Adelle Archer saw another opportunity to provide resources for the funeral homes that Eterneva works with on a daily basis. Most funeral homes are not the most tech savvy businesses. Many of them are behind the times in terms of online presence, and incorporation of technology to make the grieving process more accessible to customers. Through Eterneva, Adelle helped to create an online platform that funeral homes could use to offer free digital arrangement tools during the pandemic.

“We know how important it is to come together and help as many people as we can right now,” says Adelle Archer, Co-Founder and CEO of Eterneva. “We feel like death care professionals are the unsung heroes that no one is talking about. If we can help by taking one thing off their plate, we’ll be happy to know we played a role in decreasing the burden on funeral homes at this challenging time.”