Entrepreneurship Requires Innovation

Shalom Lamm has been an entrepreneur for many decades in a variety of different industries. The one common denominator when it comes to success in any commercial industry is innovation and creativity. That’s the ingredient that’s consistently lacking in those businesses that we see struggling for a variety of different industries.

To those like Shalom Lamm who are self-employed, it is especially incumbent upon such individuals to lend a sense of creativity into their work so that it can be distinguished from the work-product of their competitors. This is no secret, and is something that is increasingly becoming clear as people transition to an economy where technology continues leading the pact.

These views are not limited to self-employed entrepreneurs. Instead, many owners and proprietors of businesses large and small, have held such views consistently for a very long time. And the reasons for this are quite obvious and clear.

Innovation spurs creativity but it also creates and fosters a culture and environment in the work-place that leads to upward mobility and growth for staff members. Those in leadership positions are in no way immune from this. It’s a win win for all parties involved in a business.