Entrepreneurship in America

In America, there are multitudes of opportunities to develop new inventions and new companies. However, unless someone is fortunate enough to get a small loan of a million dollars from their father, it’s actually a lot harder than it looks. Shalom Lamm, an entrepreneur, had to start from scratch when coming up with his innovative ideas. 

To grow a business is one thing, but starting a new one is something else. It requires a lot of investing and also dedication. Investors will usually want some percentage of the business revenue so the full amount never goes to the owners. In addition, hiring employees is very expensive. By doing so, more finances are needed. Usually, when businesses first start, the owners are the only ones doing the work since it’s all it can afford. A way to stay afloat is by doing free marketing and advertising on platforms. Entrepreneurs have a tough job. Unless they go on Shark Tank and make a huge deal with a billionaire, it might be hard to fully get off the ground. Markets are constantly shifting and adapting to the current climate of the world. Technology is becoming more advanced making it both easier and more difficult for entrepreneurs. Shalom Lamm urges people to try their ideas because you never know where they will take you.