Entrepreneurs Should Value Wellness

Helen Lee Schifter has been a vocal advocate of ensuring that health and wellness are prized and appreciated by those in the business world. According to many observers, there’s much that accounts for this seeming purported negligence. Part of it has to do with the sheer fixation that many in the professional world have on monetary success and winning at all costs. This doesn’t give them much time or resources to consider anything else to truly focus on and appreciate. Health and wellness should be anyone’s primary priority; and everything else ought to be secondary and tertiary. But it’s evident that’s not been the case, particularly for those in business.

According to Helen Lee Schifter, this is not a trend that isn’t correctable. On the contrary, it’s very possible if we have an educated and informed conversation and public dialogue about how to come together on this subject, for us to implement a real and substantive change here. There must be a dialogue that as many people participate in about the devastating damage that this neglect toward health and wellness is having on those in the workforce and beyond.

This neglect is causing true damage that needs to be evaluated and assessed in a public

The reality is that people do themselves of course have a vested interest in leading healthier lifestyles that they can be proud of. By extension, they have an inherent motivation and interest in ensuring they keep themselves in the best shape possible. There is tremendous health risk to neglecting the subject of health and wellness until later on in life. There’s no way of knowing whether one can be too late to getting to these important matters, that in many cases have life or death consequences. This needs to be communicated to the public.

It  should not be communicated in a way to scare or instill fear in the public. Rather, it’s important that they be alerted to these facts. More information that’s shared is better for all parties involved. It’s indeed in the public interest that there’s heightened awareness of this subject; and this message needs to be both embraced and indeed appreciated. There is too much at stake if this important subject continues being hijacked by those with vested interest in continuing to profit in the food and commercial food and entertainment industries by nourishing the public with unhealthy substances. 

domain so that it isn’t any longer ignored.