Electrical Products That Won’t Shock Your Wallet

If you are in the building trade, then you will be only too familiar with the need for electrical units and supplies to be readily available, be of top quality and fit within an ever-tightening budget.

Today’s article looks into what you can expect to receive in terms of products and services when purchasing from the one of the market leading distributors in Bangkok, Thailand. 

What do distributors do?

Distributors deliver you the products that you need at an agreed time, at an agreed cost and ensure there are no problems along the way. Business hasn’t been easy for many companies over the last few years, taking into consideration ever changing regulations, recessions and financial difficulties of customers all over the globe. 

By focusing on what is really important to their customers and by delivering exactly what they set out to do by becoming a distributor, some of the best companies are still around to help you bring your latest project to light. 

Local Warehousing

One of a distributor’s primary functions in terms of business is to receive large orders of various products such as manufactured electrical products from SQD and then get them out to customers as and when they need them. By ordering in bulk, the distributor can more often than not get a better purchase cost, enabling them to pass those savings on to their customers, also taking a large ‘risk’ factor away from the customer. 

There is no need to worry about buying in bulk in the hope that you can sell the units on or use them for another project. In addition, it means that your products ‘although likely manufactured elsewhere’ will be in the same country and more or less be ready for delivery whenever you need them.

You can’t argue with quality.

When it comes to quality, the successful distributors that we see today have done an immense job considering the fierce competition that they have been up against. On the note of success, you may be interested to read this informative blog all about becoming a better business leader.

Often, in stealth mode, they are having to compete heavily with the likes of Internet distributors who don’t ever see, feel, get to know the products or even know what the Industrial standards or laws are in Thailand. Some are simply purchasing on your behalf from somewhere that sells cheap electrical goods and then adding a premium on top to make their money. These kinds of products tend to appeal most to those looking to make a ‘quick buck’, certainly not a ‘pride in the job’ approach. 

When would you like it sir?

Another area of competition and something for all distributors to feel immensely proud of is in delivery. Not just sending you a crate load of circuit breakers by midweek but by offering an almost immediate delivery service in times of emergency. If you work in the industry, you will know exactly how easy it can be to have something go wrong when you need it the most and how important it is to get a new unit quickly, as in yesterday.