Drones and Your Surveying Business: What You Should Know

The use of drones has increased as the technology has become more accessible, and the obvious benefits they provide. There are a number of industries that have adopted drones into their daily operations, including surveying companies. The adoption of this technology is due to a variety of reasons, but most important efficiency and safety can be improved.

Industries that rely on surveys and mapping have seen a huge influx of drone solutions introduced. Some surveying companies are combining more traditional surveying methods, which are more time-consuming, along with drone mapping, as data can be collected much faster. The requirements of a project will directly impact the type of drone and sensor that would work best, whether that’s LiDAR or photogrammetry. 

The benefits surely outweigh the drawbacks when using drones for surveying. The investment in new technology can come with hesitance due to the variety of options available, and the complexity of the products. Enlisting the help of professionals can help save time and money when you’re looking to collect aerial data. 

Speed and Accuracy 

A massive benefit is the speed that a drone can collect data on a piece of land, especially highly vegetated or challenging terrain. Additionally, the accuracy of the data gathered by a drone is highly accurate, making it very usable data for surveying companies and other industries. Many surveying companies are recognizing these benefits and implementing drones as part of their offerings.

A surveying business can save massive amounts in labor by adopting the use of drones. A survey that would require an entire team can be handled by a drone pilot. Aerial imaging software is immensely impressive and helps eliminate the human error in some surveys. Overlooking a structure or water line can completely change a project so charting every detail is imperative. 

Surveying Difficult to Traverse Landscapes 

The job of a survey team becomes far less difficult when any area is accessible. Florida is the perfect example of a state that has areas that are nearly impossible to navigate on foot. Surveying an area that is swampy is not a huge challenge when using drone technology and aerial imaging. The number of injuries incurred on the job of surveyors is going to plummet when drones are predominantly used. 

Using Aerial Imaging Services

Using aerial imaging services can be intimidating especially when terms like LiDAR or other technology language is used. Consulting top imaging services companies like FlyGuys can help clear up any questions that you might have. Your surveying business can improve productivity immensely simply by utilizing aerial imaging techniques. 

Drones are a part of the future for surveying businesses around the world. The collection of data is going to improve in accuracy and speed as technology improves. Take a look at example sets of data that can be collected in a matter of minutes when compared to traditional techniques.