Do’s and Don’ts of Geofence Marketing

Geofencing is still a new marketing tactic but it has taken the world by storm. Data shows that some 65% of consumers open push notifications they receive on their phones so geofencing represents a powerful opportunity for promoting your brand. 

We want you to be ahead of the curve so we put together this quick guide on the perennial do’s and don’ts of geofencing marketing. These tips are designed to help you get the most out of your geofencing marketing efforts. 


Push quality content

Despite what you may think, more ad visibility is not necessarily a good thing. You could send out thousands of ad pushes but if they don’t reach your target demographics they are functionally inert. Even worse, low-quality spammy ads can annoy customers and have the opposite intended effect. 

In this case, quality matters more than quantity. Geofencing ad efforts should be well crafted and personalized to the individual user.

Use a call to action

You don’t just want people to see your ads, you want to give them a reason to come by your location. Give them an incentive to drop by with a strategically placed call to action (CTA). For instance, a push notification offering a 5% discount code is a great way to drum up interest. 

Give users the option to opt-out

Users should be able to change account details or opt-out of location-based advertising campaigns at any time. Giving users the option to remove themselves builds company trust and keeps notifications from being annoying. 

Analyze your data

Your marketing efforts are no good if you have no way to track your campaign’s performance. You need to constantly be analyzing your geofence analytics so you can make adjustments to your marketing strategy based on performance. 


Send ads to everyone

Geofencing is only useful because of the potential for strategic and targeted ads. Not everyone is going to be interested in your business so spamming ads to everyone is a fool’s errand. Alerts and notifications need to be personalized to each user, not some generic boilerplate message that could be for anyone.  

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Limit your geofencing area

Part of the benefit of geofencing is its ability to grow your customer base. That is why it is important to diversify your geofencing strategy to maximize your spending. You need to make sure your geofence is the correct size so you do not miss out on potential customers. 

Use too few metrics

Reach and frequency are only just a few metrics you need to keep track of. Geofencing tech lets you track movements, conversion rates and much more. Limiting yourself to only a few data points is a sure-fire way to create a lopsided and inefficient marketing strategy.