Doping in Sports

For a typical professional athlete, the allure to win often always supersedes any other motivation and distraction they have when getting into a race. Oftentimes, unfortunately, this desire usually drives the athlete to nonconforming means such as the use of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs to achieve what they seek.

Diego Ruiz Duran knows that in most cases, the athlete may spend durations training for the big event but still not trust in their capabilities and resort to using drugs that are intended to boost their stamina and enhance their performance.

It, therefore, goes without saying that doping and use of performance-enhancing substances in athletics are on the rise for this purpose. Across the world, some athletes in virtually every discipline have partaken in the vice of using performance enhancers in different competitive sporting events over the years.

The reason is that the drugs give the athlete using them an undue advantage over the other competitors which means that the user is essentially cheating in that race.

While doping has been confirmed to be harmful to one’s health, many athletes nonetheless still do it notwithstanding the effects that may arise later. The allure of winning seemingly overrides the potential dangers that could come with the drugs’ usage.

But is this always worth the effort? Is it necessary to risk one’s health, reputation, deals and even career for the euphoria of winning a race? There are many dangers posed by indulging in performance-enhancing drugs. These range from adverse effects to the athlete’s physical health, to their loss of face and stature, as well as likely termination of support and sponsorship contracts leading to loss of livelihood.

Criminal defense attorney, Diego Ruiz Duran notes that It is better to be a good person than to be an undefeatable lawyer. And this notion can aptly be reproduced in cases of athletes who have a responsibility to be honorable when they partake in any competitions without the urge to use devious means to win including doping.

Duran who is a master’s graduate from the University of Oxford with a degree in Criminal Justice notes that such decisions, usually, are an important option that one has to take particularly in situations where they feel like the going is difficult.

He has always been known to tell his counterparts that failure is important as these failures help one to learn and grow from them, even though purposely failing isn’t reasonable.

That said, it is worth noting that performance-enhancing drugs and the use of steroids and the entire doping process that several athletes bank on for their success will ultimately be damaging to their health and careers.

While it may appear to someone that they are achieving physical gains when they use the said performance enhancers and that many of their peers are also using the same, the bottom line is that they are precisely harming themselves in the long run. And still, sports bodies all over the world are moreover in accord that doping is wrong for sports.