Do You Need a Branded Charging Station at Your Next Event?

When planning for important events to impress customers and recruit new clients it’s important to consider booth design, of course, and what ideas and items you’ll be offering passersby. You’ll want engagement and interest, of course, but most of all you’ll want something unique that people will take away from your booth that will imprint your brand, your services, in their mind as a positive — not as a neutral or a negative. It’s all about providing value, isn’t it? Today, one of the best ways to do this is to have a branded phone charging station right at your booth. Have it displayed prominently, because even folks who have absolutely no initial interest in your product or services may need to stop to recharge at your booth, and may then find something germane to their needs and interests in what you’re offering after all. This type of thing used to be called guerilla marketing, but today we call it the serendipity factor — erasing that hint of strident aggressiveness to replace it with a Mr. Rogers-type friendly neighbor ambiance. Because, in the long run, you catch more customers with honey than with vinegar. 

A phone charging station at your booth at the next event provides a highly charged and effective launching pad for both you and the passing crowd. It’s a stunning yet subtle way to tell people “We Care About You.” The kiosk will lure in dozens of people every hour because they need an outlet to recharge their mobile device, and what are they going to do while waiting for their iPhone to recharge? They’re going to be looking at your exhibition. Talk about a captive audience! This is where the rubber meets the road, the time for you to show off your people skills by engaging the waiting passerby, who is probably a little suspicious and on the defensive, that you don’t bite and aren’t going to try to sell them something they don’t want at prices they can’t afford. And if you really know your stuff, you’ll have a key ring or a packet of tissues to offer them free of charge as an ice breaker. Sounds simple and cliched — but it’s a technique that’s been around forever — because it works. 

You can really send a positive message to would-be customers by customizing your recharging kiosk with brand specific messages and graphics. After all, if the person won’t engage directly with you, they can at least be introduced to the company logo and motto. Even better, make your kiosk a secured locker type so that users will have no qualms about their sensitive mobile device information being up for grabs with hackers and other bad hats. There’s no sales pitch as effective as one that comes dressed up as a public service. 

And today’s amazing technology means you can set up a phone kiosk that not only features convenience, security, and some comfortable chairs, but will show a customized infomercial that lets the waiting man or woman become familiar with your company or brand. Big name influencers can be hired specifically for these kiosk commercials. In a crowded convention center, with the noise and distractions, a brief word from an athlete or Hollywood personality swing interest your way in just a few minutes.