Discovering Your Leadership Style

Discovering Your Leadership Style


Alexander Djerassi, a foreign policy expert and an entrepreneur, has given insight on various entrepreneurial issues, including leadership skills. With his experience in a different position such as chief of staff and his input in resolving peace issues in Israel and Arab, among other areas, his contribution on discovering leadership style as a manager, a leader, or senior person in a business or an organization can be embraced. According to him, here are the tips to help one discover their leadership style.

Different types of leaders

According to him, knowing oneself as a leader is one of the most important aspects of any leader. A leader may be an authoritarian one where there is less room for input from the members or a democratic one where the opinion of every member counts even though it is time-consuming. A laissez-faire leader, on the other hand, is known to be effective with an experienced team. Whichever the leadership style, there are ways to discover the type of leader one is or to help in developing the leadership style for the betterment of the organization.


A leader who embraces teamwork ensures that different work styles are embraced in their organization. According to him, teamwork reduces conflicts and enhances cohesiveness. Therefore, there are leaders whose leadership style starts with establishing teamwork, which defines the kind of environment every worker expects to work in. In this leadership style, the values and goals are well defined, and the leader ensures that the operations align with the set goals and values.

Flexible leader

According to Alexander Djerassi, a flexible leader is an open-minded kind who is always open to change. This means that such a leader is ready to be advised otherwise, admit mistakes, and switch leadership styles depending on the need. With this leadership style, the business or organization is open to professional growth, adjust to current situations, and shift its operation to better. This characteristic is adopted by the workers hence having a flexible team.

An inspiring leader

Among the most critical leadership skills is inspiring the leading team. This comes by setting a good example and having compassionate skills to win the trust of the team members. As a leader, one must know that the team members follow the example set. Therefore, an inspiring leader instills continuous growth in the members and develops them to better with time. Such a leader always pushes the team members to unleash their full potential and avoid overextending them.

Trust building leader

Another type of leadership style that a leader can have, according to him, is building an environment that ensures trust exists among the members. This means that the members feel free to freely express their concerns and feelings. This is usually achieved by the leader ensuring that frequent meetings where the issues and concerns are tabled, discussed and resolved are core. This brings a better experience to all parties as the leader is relieved of some of the duties from frequent approval requirements on some decisions. On the other hand, the members are also to freely perform their tasks with more confidence depending on their skills. This means that division and specialization of labor is part of the organization and therefore, this would ultimately guarantee a better and quality output from the team.