Daniel Doyle Pleasantville Businessman Discusses 7 Important Employees Every Photography Business Should Have

Running a photography business will naturally include some challenges, though you can make it easier for yourself by hiring the right employees. While you can run a small business at first, you will need to hire more people as it grows. Daniel Doyle of Pleasantville wants to share seven important employees you need to hire for your photography business.


If you only focus on pictures, you will limit your market and miss out on many opportunities to make money. As you focus on photography, you should also look into hiring videographers that can record footage for various events. On top of this, you may find some videographers that also know how to take professional pictures.

Think of it this way: many couples want to hire someone to take pictures and another person to record videos during their weddings. If you have both of these employees available, you can make more money and reach out to more customers. This makes a videographer an indispensable member of your photography business.

Independent Contractors

Your business could end up with more clients than it can work with at a time. Even with multiple professional photographers working for you, there could be times where everyone can’t be at every appointment. When this happens, you can always call independent contractors to help you out.

Independent contractors work for you whenever you need them. Just give them a call, see if they can help and you can even have them work for you for multiple months. Contractors work well if you have busy months and slow seasons. This way, you can hire them when you need them, but you don’t have to worry about finding them constant work.

Digital Marketing

When you work in the photography industry, you will get lots of your business through the internet. People will find out about your business, look into it and get in contact with you. This means you need to create a strong online presence, which will require employees that know how to work in digital marketing.

They should know the best channels to use, how to interact with customers online and the different marketing campaigns you can create to draw in more customers. You will probably need to develop a digital marketing team to get the most out of it but doing so will allow your digital marketing to grow.


While you have photographers take pictures, you will need the help of editors to make adjustments as needed. Depending on the types of photos you take, and what your clients want you to do, you will need to make edits. This can include adjusting the lighting, making slight changes to the photos and even cropping.

While you could do the editing on your own, you need to think about splitting your time efficiently. For example, by hiring an editor, you no longer need to worry about having your photographers do the editing. This way, you can maximize your time and efficiency to get the most out of your photography business.


Just like with most businesses, you need people in leadership positions who can direct others and let them know what they should do. This will include telling your photographers who will work on which assignments, when they need to work and other key points. In short, managers will keep your business running.

Make sure you identify people with the credentials to hold these important positions. This will include people who can remain organized, those who know how to prioritize and people that can work hard while under pressure. Your managers stand out as extremely important employees at your photography business, so make sure you find the right workers for those roles.

Financial Advisors and Accountants

As you run your business, you will need people to handle your finances. After all, taxes can get complicated and you need someone that can keep track of your spending and budget. This means you should look into hiring people that can run your finances and taxes to avoid issues with your money.

A financial advisor works well as a person that can guide your business, remember the money and focus on making profits. Accountants can keep track of your spending and work on your taxes, so you don’t have to rush through your taxes at the end of the year. If you don’t want to fall behind when it comes to money, you need financial advisors and accountants.


A secretary can do an excellent job at keeping things organized at the office. Your secretary can set up appointments with clients while handling phone calls and emails as needed. In short, a secretary will focus on the office work, so you can focus on leading the company and getting things done.

Even if you need to address other tasks at your business, you will need to address your other responsibilities. Responding to emails, setting up appointments and answering phone calls matter since they involve interacting with your customers. Make sure you get a secretary that can work effectively and fill the role.
These are seven of the most important employees your photography business could use. Just like Daniel Doyle of Pleasantville, you can succeed as you work hard and hire the right employees. Make sure you keep these types of employees in mind to ensure your business performs well and stands out.