Next Generation Cyber War

Cyber attacks, escalating into cyber war, have become increasingly frequent through 2022. In the first 10 weeks of the year, over 150 attacks were launched against Ukraine, including malware and direct attacks on the government. These effects were so threatening that countries across the globe have begun to increase cybersecurity at home. The most affected countries are the US, Ukraine, and Russia. However, experts agree that the war with Ukraine is serving as a testing ground for the next generation of cyber weapons. Because Ukraine has similar structure to many western nations, but less resources for counter attacks, the number of attacks has only grown over time. This means that although the US and the EU have tried to bolster defenses in Ukraine, the attacks are not likely to stay within its borders.

Cyber war is a threat to both physical and digital assets, most notably making an impact on finances and data. Cyber attacks, albeit less detrimental than full on cyber war, are all a culmination of a threat that impacts citizens and governments across the globe. A whopping 93% of Americans fear cyberwar against the US, however, only 19% trust that the government will be able to protect them from it. This is only one of the many reasons why many people are preparing themselves for cyber security disasters. People worldwide are updating software, changing passwords, stashing cash reserves, and backing up information in order to give themselves the best chance at safety when the threat of cyber attacks comes to fruition. This is a new reality for people everywhere, only further supporting the need for internet safety and responsibility.

Next Gen Cyber Warfare