Customer Engagement Strategies That Always Work

In today’s hybrid world you need to engage customers on a higher level than ever before. To do this you must commit to stronger and more intelligent strategies through goal-oriented teamwork and utilizing tools such as Klaxoon.

Be transparent

It’s not easy to keep customers coming back. One reason is that customers often think that businesses only care about themselves. To show that this isn’t true, you must show that you care about what’s best for the customer. For example, you could tell a customer to buy a product from a competitor if it would meet their needs better. Even though it won’t help your bottom line right away, it will help build trust and make your relationships with customers better in the long run.

Use the right equipment

Using technology to help with the job is one of the best ways to connect with customers and get them interested. Imagine that a user wants to know more about a product but doesn’t want to have to send an email and wait for a response.

In this case, tools for interacting with customers, such as live chat or chatbots, can give them the information they need immediately. So, you can keep customers or people who might become customers from going elsewhere.

Other technologies, like co-browsing, can take things a step further by giving customers an interactive visual tool to help them when they get stuck, like when they are trying to fill out a tricky or confusing form. This kind of care makes the customer feel important and helps keep them as a customer in the long run.

Don’t forget to be friendly

Even though technology and its benefits are often discussed, it’s important not to forget the power of the human touch. Customers need to have the chance to talk to real people.

And that’s not just true for human agents who have to deal with complicated customer service issues. Take the chance to show the public the human side of your business by putting people who work there on display. To do this, you could make digital marketing materials like videos to share and promote, or host events in person.

Leverage social media

Brands have to be on social media these days because their customers expect it. And once you’re there, you can’t just post random things every once in a while and hope people will interact with them. You’ll need to devise a regular schedule and interesting things to say.

Use the analytics tools on social media sites to determine who your audience is and what will work for them.

Social media is also a place to start conversations, so the content you share should encourage people to join. The best way to meet that goal is with formats like polls and quizzes. Also, don’t forget to respond to user comments, especially negative ones. So, when you talk to customers, you’ll be able to turn bad experiences into good ones. 

Customer engagement takes excellent teamwork 24/7.