Crossing the World To Find Herself Tracing the Path of Health and Life Coach, Dr. Sas

Our early childhood experiences shape our adult lives immensely. Beyond providing our emotional foundation, they also literally affect the wiring and development of our brains, affecting the way we think decades down the road.

Dr. Sas is a sought-after motivational speaker and health and life coach. She is regularly featured on podcasts and TV interviews and flies around the United States and the world for her speaking engagements. Primarily, she is focused on empowering women, helping them achieve their healthiest, most fulfilled life possible.

But many of her accomplishments can be traced back to lessons learned when she was younger, particularly to the challenges she had to overcome as an immigrant to the US.

At the young age of 12, Dr. Sas moved to the US with her family. She experienced a massive culture shock, barely speaking for a year until she adjusted to her new home in West Virginia and gained confidence in the English language.

This confidence was hard-earned: the young Sas spent hours translating every word in her textbooks from English to Thai for better comprehension. She then spent even more hours erasing all her scribblings before returning the book to the school at the end of the academic year.

The migration across the world challenged Dr. Sas to dig deep and find depths of grit, perseverance, and determination she had not yet accessed. And these early lessons helped pave the way for the rest of her life.

After high school, she entered the University of West Virginia to obtain a degree in clinical pharmacy, supporting herself for the entire period. She then joined the Air Force, where her work ethic was noticed, eventually resulting in her promotion to the level of Captain.

This leadership role brought about a new set of skills Dr. Sas was challenged to learn, from people management to instilling discipline in others to displaying empathy. 

These skills, layered on top of her already existing fierce determination, opened many doors for Dr. Sas. Over the next decade, she managed and owned many businesses, including spas, pharmacies, and weight loss and nutrition centers. She has also taken the roles of director, assistant director, manager, and consultant of several hospitals.

Through the years, Dr. Sas also grew her own family, an experience that brought with it its own collection of emotions and challenges. Having to raise two young boys as a single mother working full-time for a few years, Dr. Sas felt the particular desperation parents feel: that they must make things work because there is more at stake than just themselves now.

Around this time, Dr. Sas was also enrolled at the Doctor of Pharmacy school at the University of Florida. Once again, she reached deep down and emerged victorious at the end of all the challenges, graduating with her doctorate magna cum laude

Today, Dr. Sas is centering and focusing all her life experiences and skills on her life’s mission: to empower women. Through all her ups and downs, Dr. Sas has developed a unique and powerful way of viewing life. This is the perspective that she gladly shares and breaks down into small, bite-sized actionable steps for her audience.

She is wholly dedicated, showering each of her clients with the same amount of passion, determination, and love she has put into each of her endeavors to date.

But perhaps even more strong is her dedication to her family and relationships. She is a loving daughter, sister, wife, and mother of two who does everything she can to give back to her family. They are her backbone and foundation on which she builds everything else.

Did Dr. Sas have to move halfway across the world to discover the depths of her potential? Probably not. She is a spirited, determined woman who would have found ways to create waves anywhere in the world.

But the challenges she had to overcome as a young girl migrating to the US definitely augmented and accelerated the process, allowing her to discover the seemingly bottomless pit of inner strength she carries inside her.

And this inner strength is something she is working to help women around her discover within themselves, too.