Creative Marketing Techniques

Creative Marketing Techniques for Businesses

Business owners spend a lot of time and money attracting new customers or keeping longtime ones coming back. Creative marketing techniques like sampling, discounts and contests can generate new customer visits, but they can also backfire and turn customers away. Dr. Jordan Sudberg recommends businesses try these six creative marketing techniques to improve customer retention and drive new customers to the door.

1: Timely Promotions

Study after study has shown that customers respond to promotions, but they also expect them to be time-sensitive. Dr. Sudberg says that if a business is going to offer a discount, it should have a deadline. “When a customer learns about the promotion, they need to know when it ends and when they can take advantage of it.”

2: “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGOF) Promotions

In this promotion, the business offers a product at a discount if a customer purchases another. Dr. Sudberg says that businesses should try to provide products that pair well together. If the business is offering a BOGOF promotion, it should make sure the products go together and can be used simultaneously. For example, if a restaurant provides BOGOF pizza and soda, it should give whole pizzas rather than slices to ensure customers can use both items.

3: Customer Loyalty Programs

These programs offer a discount to customers for returning to the business. Dr. Jordan Sudberg says that businesses should make sure the loyalty program is something that customers will value and not something they already do, like sharing their email address or phone number.

4: High-Quality Products or Services

A high-quality product or service is the best way for a business to retain a customer and win back lost ones, but it can also drive new customers into the door. Dr. Sudberg says that businesses should give new customers a reason to come back for more by providing excellent customer service and quality products or services during their first visit. “A great experience will keep them coming back for more,” he says. “And if they like what they receive during that first visit, they might tell others about their experience as well, which will drive even more customers through the door! sit. “If your business offers something with value that can be used again, you’re on the right track.”

5: Refer-a-Friend Programs

A refer-a-friend program is another excellent way to drive new customers into the door while retaining current customers. Dr. Sudberg says that businesses should offer incentives to both the person who refers to a friend and the friend who takes advantage of an offer. “Incentives for both parties will help them remember their first visit and encourage them to return in the future.”

6: Product Sampling

Product sampling is another excellent way to drive new customers into the store and keep them coming back for more. Dr. Sudberg says that businesses should offer samples of their more popular products and even try out some new products to potential customers to introduce them to something new. “Give a small sample of your product or service away and make it easy for your customer to take advantage.”