COVID Genetic Testing: Know Your Risks

Now that the FDA has approved the COVID vaccine as well as the unfortunate reality that the Delta variance continues to rise, many people that were initially hesitant for getting their vaccine are now starting to turn it around, getting it in higher numbers. Whether you are vaccinated or not, chances are that the COVID pandemic will continue to give rise to new mutations and variants will continue to spread. Genetic testing is a new way forward.

Still, vaccines are a limited supply of production as the rollout and supply chain logistics still takes some time. There is now a better way to consider distributing the vaccine, and that is by health need. The way to determine whether or not an individual stands the risk of getting a severe case of COVID is through genetic testing. There is now an at home COVID genetic risk test that can test against 16 different types of comorbidities and you would be able to get your test results sent to your home in only a matter of days.

A new way to fight COVID has arrived and in a way that can be a more fair system for all. Learn more about this new modern marvel of medicine in the new frontier of COVID genetic testing through the visual deep dive below.

Fighting COVID-19: Know Your Risk