Coronavirus Has Upended Industry

Helen Schifter is someone who recognizes the changes that are happening in commerce and industry based on the Coronavirus pandemic. The devastation the pandemic has wrought has been extraordinary and unfortunate. There are industries that have indeed been totally upended by these changes that have been fueled and motivated by the pandemic’s size, magnitude and scope.

According to Helen Schifter, these changes couldn’t necessarily have been anticipated; but indeed there were ways to have safety and security measures in place in advance that could have mitigated the damage that was otherwise done to many businesses across industries.

The ways in which people have responded to the health pandemic have certain been drastically different depending on their backgrounds and their interests. Some have decided to use the opportunity to embrace a more dedicated regimen for their fitness activities. Others have decided to seek to devote more time to transforming their diets and ensuring that they maintain as healthy a diet as possible so as not to be self-destructive in their eating habits.

Regardless of the ways in which people hav eresponded it’s impossible to not realize the damage that has been done. So what can be done in the future? Let’s examine the narratives and changes. Let’s do more reflection and introspection and recognize that futuristic standards will only be established in due time. These changes will accelerate and indeed have profound effects on so many different people in a variety of different industries.