Content Marketing in Today’s World: What Digital Agencies Need to Keep in Mind

Content marketing is a huge part of business for many industries. Influencer marketing is a form of content marketing especially when a brand/influencer partner up to create quality content. Digital agencies need to start creating relationships with publishers ASAP with quality customized email pitches. Content marketing has changed over the last decade especially due to the Google Penguin algorithm update. This put a focus on quality content on relevant websites which penalized a number of websites built simply to put backlinks on. The following are things that digital agencies have to keep in mind when it comes to content marketing. 

Outreach Matters

Outreach can be annoying to an editor if they are constantly emailed with generic pitches. Customized pitches will generate more opens and replies than generic ones. This does not mean that emails cannot be sent out that are generic in order to confirm contact information. Authors that are widely published are going to have a far easier time getting a publication to accept their content. Most editors are going to want writing samples before they even consider titles that you are pitching. Entering content into contests like the video contest for Digital Excellence Awards can bring exposure to a brand. 

Developing true relationships is important as the right publisher can help an agency for years with various clients. Platforms like BuzzStream make it easy to track outreach, open rates, and replies per pitch. Doing A/B testing is immensely important as you might find that a certain pitch works far better than the others. 

Promotion Via Social Media 

Social media is the perfect place to showcase content that has been created for clients and the brand. The right social media promotion will allow a piece of content to reach a number of people. Expanding the reach of a single piece of content can make a huge difference when it is done for what the company creates daily. Paid promotions might be wise although as a digital marketing agency, you will be able to gather data on what will help a piece of content garner healthy traffic. Finding an eCommerce digital marketing agency that can help promote products on social media can drive sales. 

Trying Out Content Forms Besides Articles

Trying out other content can be easier especially if an agency puts out a podcast instead of a long-form piece of copy on a subject. Video content is also very popular but can be expensive when compared to written content or that of a podcast. Tracking the ROI for each piece of content is important as it can help create more engaging content in the future. Clients do not come to an agency for low-quality content so have samples that will impress. A founder of a business most likely wants the stress of marketing off of their shoulders. Addressing pain points of content marketing which include writing, editing, and outreach can help close a deal. 

Content marketing is going to continue to drive businesses all over the world. The content marketing world is quite vast as some agencies specialize in just content marketing while others are full-service digital marketing agencies. Agencies know what they are great at and should push these services first.