Content Marketing And Your Marketing Agency: Tactics You Should Use

Content marketing is a huge part of digital marketing as it can impact a number of areas of a business. The search engine rankngs that a great contentm arketing strategy can impact might be the most important. You want to base your content marketing on quality which can be difficult if you have limited resources in terms of writers on your staff. Your in-house marketing is not where you want to outsource the writing as you want the agency’s brand voice to stay consistent. Below are tactics that your marketing agency should use to handle content marketing effectively. 

Sharable Content Can Generate Large Numbers Of Backlinks 

The right internet marketing team is going to have quite a few tricks to help generate backlinks. Content marketing plays a huge role in building links via quality content. Content that is generic might help in terms of search engine rankings but will not very little in terms of attracting organic traffic. People in the marketing world love data so gathering data and putting it into actionable tips is something that can acquire a number of backlinks. 

Try Transcribing Podcasts To Create In-Depth Written Content 

Podcasting can be a huge part of digital marketing as the industry is full of people that listen to podcasts all day while they work. Transcribing podcasts that are immensely popular can be important as they can then be used as a written resource. Creating in-depth content in a matter of hours is easy when podcasting but far more difficult when writing or creating video content. Transcribing the podcasts will also make them easily searchable for those using it as a resource.

Promote Using Various Forms Of Social Media 

Social media could not be more important when it comes to epxanding the reach that a particular piece of content has. These platforms can also be used to engage readers that might comment or tweet back at an article with a quip. Responding to comments can drive engagement and follower numbers for a marketing agency. Most people won’t trust a marketing agency without a healthy amount of social media followers as it can help generate confidence for a customer. Social media posts should be done carefully and the graphics matter. Web design agencies understand the importance of visual representation within content that can keep a reader’s eye. 

Targeted Outreach To Help Expand The Reach Of Content

Outreach is going to be important if your agency has a great piece of content that they want published on an industry website. The content can do all of the work for you as some publications won’t turn down something they know will generate a lot of traffic for them. Finding the right contacts via email matters as you want to pitch directly to someone making decisions. 

Content marketing for your marketing agency should be something that you put effort into but do not focus on too much. Creating quality content should be done organically although a focus on putting out content regularly should be present.