Understanding the Commercial Real Estate Lending Market

Often times, many people get in to an industry when everyone is already talking about it – or getting in on a high, and then exit it when people are panicking, thus selling or divesting at a low. As a general rule of thumb, if your cab driver is telling you about it, you might be too late to the party. Enter the commercial real estate lending industry.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get ahead of the game for once? Perhaps you missed out on investing or participating in the heyday of when Uber was transforming the taxi industry or what Airbnb did to the travel and hospitality game, but don’t worry – there is a promising industry that’s been ready for disruption for quite some time.

There’s no question that there is big money in this space and lots of opportunity. Unfortunately (or fortunate for you) the industry is not agile and much of its technology pre-dates the internet. As a result, many borrowers and real estate lending banks are unable to move fast enough to fit a deal criteria, let alone put the deal together outright.

The time has come to modernize the real estate lending industry. Learn more about the commercial real estate lending technologies that are ready for disruption in the visual deep dive below:

modernizing commercial real estate lending