Checking Your Phone Before Bed

Checking electronic items such as phones and laptops before going to sleep has raised concerns in the recent past. People reduce their chances of better sleep when they indulge so much in these electronics before heading to bed. Lack of quality sleep causes many health complications and can shorten the life expectancy.

Some of the reasons why Judge Napolitano tries so hard not to check his electronics when he intends to have a good night’s sleep are discussed below.

Phones Do Not Let People Relax

Phones are designed to feed users with information. Information someone gets from the phone at midnight cannot allow one to have that comfortable sleep. The content someone comes across online stimulates their emotions. If they continue checking on their phone, they can remain awake and active throughout the night because of stimulation in the brain.

People don’t have to remain engaged to stay awake or active, but even a quick check can wreak havoc. Most online applications and smartphones are designed to keep people connected and elicit a quick response.

Blue Light from the Screen is Not Good for Melatonin

The blue light coming from the screen suppresses melatonin. It’s harmful to the eyes and the brain. The melatonin hormone is known for controlling the cycle of sleep and wakefulness. Lack of enough melatonin may lead to insomnia, irritability, and tiredness. The blue light emitted from phone screens can mimic the light, which might confuse someone’s body clock.

When a person’s body clock is interrupted, their internal sleeping and waking are also confused. It’s advisable to turn the screen downwards if it is a must for them to use a phone at night. The direct light flashes directly into a person’s eyes, hence suppressing the melatonin hormone. There are also available programs that one can use to reduce the blue light component.

Excessive Use of Mobile Phones Reduces REM Sleep

This is the phase of sleep that is very crucial for restoring the body and brain. It is the sleep that happens 90 minutes after you go to bed. Think of what can happen to the brain or body for lack of enough sleep. REM sleep is capable of strengthening memories and also solving problems related to relationships and skills. Lack of this sleep can cause trouble in someone’s being and make it difficult for them to focus on the next day.

Excessive Electronic Use at Night Messes up with Circadian Clock Rhythm

Many body functions rely on the circadian clock rhythm. So, come to think of what can happen if such body function is in a mess. Artificial light, incredibly the blue light from phones and screens, messes up the body clock by confusing the brain.

Late-night use of the mobile phone can also cause cancer. This might result from low melatonin in the body due to antioxidant element effects in the body.

Weakness and Tiredness After Waking Up

After a long stay on the electronic screen, waking up the following day makes one feel sleepy and tired. And what can people do when they feel tired and sleepy very early in the morning? They’ll take more time to wake up the next day, and end up feeling fatigued throughout the day. This makes them less productive.


Poor sleep is generally caused by too much exposure to electronic screens. Many people complain of insomnia, yet they have the solutions on their doorstep. One needs to keep off from any electronic screen for 30 minutes if he intends to get a good sleep.

Although it’s challenging for someone to keep their phones in other rooms or somewhere far from them, it is advised to switch off the phone notifications before sleep to lower distractions. In case of an alarm, it’s best to use a radio clock.