Changing Company Culture

Many of us know that it’s the right thing to have a positive and healthy company culture, but as time goes on, this culture could potentially start to erode and even become a toxic workplace. Sometimes the pain of change feels like it is too much to overcome – some might even not want to rock the boat for fear of losing their jobs. Changing company culture does not have to be a painful exercise – many organizations can adapt with the proper guidance.

What if your employees feel stuck? There may be a lack of trust or skills gap in the way. This is why it is often important to bring in an outside organization to assist with changing company culture. There are many financial benefits to employing a healthy company culture – last year, a study showed that 85% of employees were not engaged. This translated to a massive $7 trillion in lost productivity.

Some questions to consider to see if you need help with your company culture include:

  • Do rewards align with vision fulfillment across the organization?
  • Is there a leadership program that cultivates the right values?
  • Are employees self-managed and accountable for results?

Learn more about the ways to successfully improve changing company culture in the visual deep dive below:

Why Invest in Business Culture Transformation?