Change Your Life By Becoming A Nurse Health Coach

Nurses are some of the most passionate people. It’s something you have to love. You need to have a passion for nursing or else you’ll burn out. After all, it requires you to spend long hours helping others. You need to make a lot of sacrifices just to do your job. This makes it much more of a passion than a job for most. You must have or develop a passion for helping those that need it. Nurses must be committed to helping their patients in a variety of ways. They are vital to the success of the care patients receive. They not only comfort those that need it, but they provide essential medication and more. Nurses are on the front lines and with the patients every step of the way throughout their treatment. As a result, they can get very close to their patients. This has led to a lot of nurses becoming embittered with modern medicine and the way Western medicine prioritizes the treatment of symptoms rather than root causes.

The entire practice of treating symptoms has been begging for disruption for years. After all, patients are only getting sicker and this is resulting in nurses burning out and struggling with the mental aspect of it. Nurses that once had a passion for helping others have that passion dulled with the treatment methods they are utilizing. They know it doesn’t work. The conventional model has needed a drastic shift in mindset. A whole-body healing approach is needed. That way, patients can put themselves on a path toward real recovery. Patients need to get better as a whole and not addressing the root causes of their health troubles is one of the ways to avoid that. Nurses know that patients need to address underlying bad habits that are putting their health at risk. However, their job is to treat symptoms and not branch beyond them.

This has led to a lot of nurses seeking ways to improve their treatment options. They want to be able to help their patients and not only delay their sickness. They want to make a real difference. After all, that’s why they signed up for the non-glamorous life of being a nurse. Many nurses have found what they are looking for with nurse coaching. Nurse coaching is a way to improve the lives of your patients without the restrictions of modern medicine. It offers nurses the chance to regain the passion that once led them to choose to become a nurse in the first place. Best of all, it allows them to use the various education and skills they’ve accumulated along the way to do so.

Becoming a nurse health coach comes with so many unique advantages. Not only does becoming a nurse health coach allow you to help patients better, but it also helps you improve their quality of life. With professional nurse coaching, you get to usher in the new age of holistic care that addresses underlying problems to position your patients toward a healthier life.

Advantages Of Becoming A Professional Nurse Health Coach:

The practice of whole-body healing isn’t a new concept. It’s something that’s been going on for years with great success. It’s only now becoming increasingly accepted in the United States as a viable alternative to the traditional symptom-based healing approach. It’s a much more proactive approach rather than a reactive approach that modern medicine has grown into. There are so many professional nurse health coaches out there right now. More nurses are learning about the potential that it can offer them and they are choosing to become one themselves.

To become a coach, you need to have an active registered nursing license. You will need to have one to get your nurse coach certification. Luckily, it doesn’t even matter what you are specializing in. Nor does it matter what kind of experience you have.

To get your certification through The Nurse Collective, you will go through an online course. This online course takes 7 months for full completion. Because it’s online, you don’t need to dedicate full time to it. This allows you to continue taking on shifts as needed. This should put your mind at ease because you don’t need to put your career on pause while you give yourself new tools and a better outlook. You can take the course and go through the video modules as you best see fit. You also get a lot of help along the way. The Nurse Coach Collective offers live support calls that you can use to get questions answered. You also have access to their popular nurse coach community through their online forums. All of these tools are readily available to you and it makes going through the program a breeze.

There are so many nurses entering the landscape which makes it a highly competitive industry to find jobs in. By getting an accredited nurse coach certificate, you can improve your chances of landing better jobs and you can add a new skill to your toolbox that will make you a better nurse.

One of the best things you get from becoming one is the chance to offer better care for your patients. You get to start reigniting the passion you may have lost. You get to truly help patients get better in a more effective way. There’s plenty of research that shows how holistic care helps patients recover faster and more effectively. If you are ready to become a nurse health coach, connect with The Nurse Coach Collective and we can answer any questions you may have.