CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz Helping Bring Communities Together

Every city has a vision, and CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz wants to make those visions come to life. He strives to bring communities together and educate the masses about how each city or town has something unique to contribute to our planet.

Whether it is bringing small businesses into the limelight with the powerful concepts from past projects that included using customized neighborhood maps and street banners or helping an entire municipality get recognized for everything they do and what makes them special. 

CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz and his team of experts work diligently to bring folks together. In fact, you can find lamp posts across the nation proudly displaying street banners that recognize the various CGI partner cities for all their contributions to their local communities.

But that isn’t all; CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz wanted to share another vision with the world and did so when he introduced eLocalLink Online City Video Tours, a strategy that produces video tours that focus on bringing the best out in every municipality through the unique view, developed specifically for each city partner.

eLocalLink Online Video Tours

This project began as an effort to promote cities through banners and other resources to streamlining an entire community via a video tour message. The eLocalLink Online Video Tours have allowed smaller voices in amazing cities to promote and share their own visions with the whole nation.

People can now find out about a community and what it offers all by watching an innovative online video tour that showcases all the respective businesses’ talents. It allows locals and people throughout the country to understand what that town or city has to share with the world. 

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CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz continues to have a strong bond with the National League of Cities and the US Conference of Mayors, which enables him to connect with many small business owners on a different level.

CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz has established a community foundation that links people and cities together, such as:

  • Mayors
  • County Executives 
  • City Managers
  • National and Regional Leaders 

Making Communities Stronger 

The eLocalLink video tours can boost tourism, re-location, help attract businesses, and put smaller communities on a much bigger map. People from all over can now find out about a specific city’s efforts and what attracts people to that local area.

This can range from eco-friendly businesses to textile industries to wildlife preserves. There are hundreds of things that make each community unique, and now they can be recognized for all of them. When a business chooses to sponsor a city program, it can increase its website traffic and have a spotlight shone on its business.

These online tours attract people from all walks of life and bring them straight to your company. The use of eLocalLink professional Online Video Tours can get small businesses the recognition they deserve online.

They can be highlighted on a city’s official site and shared on multiple social media platforms all while driving more customers to their website.   

CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz aims to ignite your brand into something that can be seen and shared across the world. Your vision becomes the CGI team’s goal,and together they can create something extraordinary.