CarGuard Administration Addresses Common Car Issues

A vehicle is engineered to work efficiently to deliver the kind of drive you need on the road. However, there are various issues that will affect the functionality of your car that every driver should be aware of, especially when covered by vehicle service contract provider CarGuard Administration.

Fuel and Engine System

The fuel system is one of the most straightforward parts of a car, yet it plays a crucial role in getting your car moving. If your car is having problems firing, poor acceleration, low power, or a rough idle, it’s likely your fuel system isn’t working properly.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Your fuel filter does a lot. It should always be clean of water and other debris. Clean gasoline is necessary for the smooth running of your car. A clogged fuel filter will cause a rough idle, an indicator that the motor isn’t getting enough fuel.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Failure to replace your filter can cause clogging of the injectors due to debris that could be in the fuel lines. When they are clogged, the injectors will not spray the required amount of gasoline into the car’s combustion chamber.

Drive Axle

Is your car not getting very far or even moving at all? Chances are you have a damaged drive axle. The axles are connected to the drive wheels, and their primary role is to transfer power to the wheels from the transmission.

Unusual Vibrations

If you are experiencing unusual vibrations, especially after hitting an object or pothole, your car could have a damaged axle. You may also hear a rumbling noise underneath the hood, feel a sluggish response from the car, or notice a “wobbling” tire. All of these issues may be more evident when you are accelerating or decelerating.

Excessive vibrations may cause other issues, including comfort and safety. A failed axle may also be the issue if you notice an unusual clicking sound. Leaking grease underneath the tire edge can also be a good sign of a damaged axle boot. You’ll need to inspect the axle boots regularly for any leaks or splits to make sure your drive axle is functioning properly.

Steering System

Engines are designed with power steering to reduce the amount of energy a driver would need to turn the wheel. If you experience stiff steering from your car, it is possible your steering system is not functioning properly.

Some of the issues that make a steering system fail include leaking power steering fluid. This fluid is needed to transfer the pressure to help turn the wheel. If it is leaking, this power transfer is compromised.

A worn-out, peeling or cracked hose can also lead to tough steering. It could be a loose hose coupling or that the drive belt has slipped off. Each of these issues will cause steering issues. A worn-out pump, or a worn-out seal, can mess with the amount of pressure needed to transfer the power to the wheels.

Cooling System

An overheating car can be very dangerous to the driver. In fact, overheating is one of the leading causes of a car malfunction. A car’s cooling system is extremely complex, especially for newer car models.

You need to stay on top of monitoring your radiator and sensors to ensure the proper functionality of the system. Check the water pump regularly and replace it before it breaks to avoid overheating issues.

Getting Help From CarGuard Administration

CarGuard Administration helps you get the care your car needs to continue working. Through its comprehensive car warranty plans, CarGuard Administration ensures that any car issues are covered and that drivers can have peace of mind.