Capitalism Filled with Meaning

Ken Kurson has lived by the mantra of the fact that although capitalism is the bedrock of western civilization, there must be a conscious effort to imbue values and ethics in whatever entrepreneurial pursuit one might be engaged in. This has been a monicker that Kurson has expressed regularly to audiences nationwide. The reality of the current economic downturn that so many are experiencing is a product of not only a healthcare crisis of the scope that we have never seen before, but also an unhealthy fixation on commerce devoid of the type of compassion that should normally be associated with it . 

In order for someone to run a business that is not only fruitful financially but also meaningful personally, there needs to be values and passion imbued into the management of the business. The day-to-day nature of the business operation has to be filled with not only the various focuses of commercial import and generating revenue, but also a thought process oriented around how to make the world a better and more reliable place for so many, regardless of his or her background. 

Ken Kurson has written about this issue in a myriad of different forums. This message is one that resonates with many people whose personal lives unhealthily revolve around their professional lives. While career pursuits and development matter and have incalculable significance and value, there needs to be values and ethics imbued in what one does. You can generate a significant amount of revenue and consistent cashflow through the operations of your business, but that does not mean you are doing something meaningful; nor does it  mean you are enjoying or passionate about the work that you’re involved and engaged in. 

There needs to be a healthy balance struck between generating substantial and as much cash-flow as possible to sustain the financial health of the business; while engaging in meaningful activities in one’s personal life that afford one’s life a level of meaning and value that makes it feel worthwhile. If one feels passionate about what one is involved in – even where money is involved, and a commercial component, they will be more inclined to involve themselves in the activity and broadening their horizons. 

Let us not forget of the importance of synchronizing these two different worlds – as they do belong together. A common fallacy and misconception perpetuated in corporate America and especially in our culture, is that every business is run in a Gordon Gekko type of way. In a way where greed dictates the terms of conduct and the way one goes about leading his or her business, regardless of the industry they are involved in. 

The fact of the matter is that capitalism with a conscience is a terrific combination that can produce meaningful effects and results on the nature of one’s personal life. This is something that should be internalized; appreciated; and understood in a way that is devoid of any confusion. We must all make a more conscious effort to appreciate things and not to take them for granted. For our time on this earth is limited; and in the end, we are all fallible.