Can Weather Affect the Housing Market?

Having a horrible storm can certainly affect the housing market. Think about all the damage Hurricane Katrina did a few years back. All the devastation, turmoil, and hardships people had to go through really play a part in how the housing market shifts. Shalom Lamm, a real estate expert, has said when there is a weather crisis the housing market is definitely reflective of it. 

There were wildfires all over the state of California early last week. Unfortunately. People lost their houses and had major property damage. Thus, they will be looking for new accommodations that spike the housing market. Realtors in the areas that are affected by these unpredictable weather tragedies have a responsibility to ensure a budget-friendly home for those who are in need.Simple changes like a thunderstorm or a lot of snow aren’t going to impact the housing market. However, with climate change changing the world, people are going to look for more sustainable homes which in turn shits the market. Shalom Lamm says that although the housing market is sensitive, it will be prosperous.