Business Travel and Team Building Activities

As teams become increasingly dispersed, business travel will remain essential in connecting co-workers in person. Luckily, team building activities no longer have to be boring affairs!

Add these exciting business travel teambuilding activities to your next trip and boost morale and create lasting memories for employees.

1. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have quickly become one of the most sought-after team building activities across America, becoming ubiquitous in nearly every major city. An escape room provides an immersive team building activity which encourages communication and cooperation among teammates.

Team building activities like this one are sure to get teams laughing together! Simply divide into groups, have each take turns telling two truths and one lie about themselves to their teammates – the team that guesses correctly will win!

Experience virtual escape room adventures around the world with Woyago’s expansive catalog of adventures around the globe and immersive storytelling experiences for remote teams – this makes an excellent way to foster creativity while having fun!

2. Sports Day

An outdoor ropes course offers the ultimate team-building activity to push teammates out of their comfort zones and foster collaboration while teaching effective communication and evaluating risk.

National Sports Day is a day for all sports fans to come together and celebrate their love of athleticism and unite behind this wonderful tradition. Share posts related to National Sports Day that incorporate its spirit for an impactful ripple effect!

Cooking and baking can be an engaging way to foster teamwork among your teammates. Chopping, whisking, mixing and stirring allow them to form close ties over delicious food while practicing creativity and boosting competitive spirit!

3. Camping

Camping provides an invaluable opportunity for personal contact in this digital era of smartphones, as it fosters team bonding and productivity.

This outing promotes teamwork and communication as participants work together to set up camp. Furthermore, it allows any potential future leaders to demonstrate their ability as they oversee tasks like tent building.

Add an element of fun and problem-solving skill development with blindfolded tent build challenges! This game teaches problem-solving abilities while testing participants’ leadership as they race blindfolded to put up a tent! Perfect for retreats and creative trips alike!

4. Fair

Traditional team building activities, like pyramid-building in the company gym or scavenger hunts, may not provide much excitement; therefore, more businesses are opting for adventure travel as a team building activity.

Corporate teambuilding activities allow companies to foster employee bonds while also creating lasting memories. After returning from such experiences, employees will be able to share them and use them as sources of motivation in the workplace.

BlueOrange Travel can make your next teambuilding travel adventure trip truly vacation-esque with our array of high-end adventure trips sure to excite and engage team members.

5. Hike

Hiking is an invaluable team building activity because it forces members to rely on one another in order to reach their destination. It is definitely less scary than bungee jumping. Hiking also helps develop important workplace skills like resilience and communication that are invaluable.

Experience this unforgettable city trip and gain new perspectives or establish meaningful bonds within your team members! There are even companies specializing in this type of city trip that can assist with its organization for your next business travel trip.

If your team-building activities have become tiresome, why not add in one or more of these spectacular adventures? Your colleagues won’t be disappointed!